About US

Who We Are

Our company installs seamless aluminum rain gutters on residential properties. We’re family owned and operated, and have been in business for 21 years. We have forty years of construction experience, including extensive experience as a lead man, foreman, project superintendent, general manager, etc.

As a family, my wife, Jennifer, and I started this business. We were living in Southern California. We started this business on a shoestring in 1997, right after we’d purchased our first home. Our second child was due. My job of almost ten years was about to be outsourced to a large corporation. I had to find some kind of stable income source of which, we were in control. We wanted an income which could not be suddenly taken from us. As such, we knew the importance of starting a quality business.

We believe in excellence in all we do. We never cut corners, and assure only the highest quality workmanship.

In the beginning, I went to work for a neighbor who was an independent gutter contractor. No sooner had I started, he decided to take a six week vacation. He left his business in our hands. Over the time he was gone, we got a good feel for how to run a rain gutter shop. When our neighbor returned, he decided he no longer needed help. Thus, we were suddenly thrust into unemployment again. It was at that point that we took a leap of faith and struck out on our own.

We began life as a business in the upper end of the trade doing steel, copper, and custom installations, including commercial grade systems. Within 18 months of opening our doors, I obtained my California Contractor’s License. Over the following years, we have become well regarded in the gutter installation business.

What sets us apart from our competition:

1. We draw on over 60 years of combined construction industry experience.
2. We still maintain the highest of standards of the elite end of the trade. We still practice the old school ways of doing things, including old school customer service.
3. Our customers deal with Bell family members from the first point of contact continuing through the estimating process, to the installation itself.
4. We stand behind our warranty. We handle each and every service call until you are completely satisfied.
5. We use only the highest quality materials available to the trade.
6. We provide detailed written estimates, which list out every item to be installed.
7. We keep firm appointments, and show up on time. You will never have to wonder if your contractor will show up. We arrive as promised.
8. We keep our worksite and your property clean and neat. We treat your property as our own and always clean up after ourselves.
9. We stay in good communication with you. We never leave you wondering and waiting for an answer.
10. We do not make promises we can’t keep. We always keep you apprised of any serious issues we come across during the installation process.
11. We help our you find other contractors if desired, to help you with other home improvement needs.
12. We give you a fair and realistic price for our work, choosing to deliver a higher than average product at competitive rates.
13. We install all our rain gutters the same way we’d want it done on our own home.
14. We educate and inform you regarding the technical details of your installation and how it relates to the specific needs of your property.
15. We take our time with you to design your gutter system with curb appeal and aesthetics in mind.