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No homeowner wants to spend their time cleaning out the gunk and goop out of their gutters. However, leaves, needles, twigs, and the accumulation of debris that collects in gutters poses a real threat to the home. Clogged gutters cause rainwater to overflow out of the gutters and can lead to water more easily penetrating the foundation of the home. Foundation repairs can cost many thousands of dollars.

Gutter screens allow your gutters to function properly, keeping the water moving efficiently though the gutters to the downspouts, and away from the home's foundation. They also add style to the exterior of a home, while providing many years of clean, trouble–free proper water dispersion off your home's roof.

Gutter Protection Saves Time

Without gutter screens, homeowners may have to regularly spend time cleaning out their gutters. Muck, leaves, and other debris can accumulate quickly. To get to their gutters, homeowners need to purchase ladders, which pose a safety risk. Tens of thousands of Americans are injured each year from falls from ladders and several hundred die. Furthermore, the labor involved in cleaning gutters can cause arm, shoulder, back, and knee injuries.

A clogged gutter also can provide homes for unwanted animals. The leaves, twigs, and needles that collect can provide a sanctuary for birds, insects, squirrels, and other rodents. These intruders can cause damage to your gutters, roof, and home and be a real nuisance. Gutter screens prevent animals from moving in. They keep gutters clear and animals out.



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